NOAA Personal Property Management Branch

The mission of the Personal Property Management Branch (PPMB) is to ensure NOAA personal property assets serve the missions of our agency. The Branch provides policy, oversight, and strategic planning to ensure continued compliance with relevant Federal laws and regulations. PPMB's strategic goals encompass a life-cycle approach to asset management: planning, budgeting, acquisition, management in-use, and disposal. Other services that PPMB provides include: monitoring and overseeing NOAA's National Capital Region (NCR) Headquarters’ central receiving/excess disposition of personal property.

The Branch develops and maintains NOAA's property program, including providing guidance in the proper utilization, care, rehabilitation, and disposal of property, as well as assuring the development of requirements for personal property within authorized program objectives. It operates NOAA's Personal Property Control System to maintain records, compute depreciation, and provide management reports. It manages the acquisition, utilization, and disposal of personal property for NOAA offices and serves as the primary nationwide lead in Personal Property audit initiatives (tracks NOAA's $17+ billion in personal property) in concert with the Department, NOAA Acquisition.

Procurement and NOAA Finance. It manages the Computers for Learning Program nationwide and coordinates all reporting activity to the Department and GSA. The NOAA Personal Property Management Officer administers the Program nationwide.

Announcements, Notifications and Updates


PMO Notice to ALL Employees

You are reminded that all NOAA employees are responsible for Government property that has been entrusted to your care. Here is a brief outline of your responsibilities.

If you have property you no longer want or need, that is excess to NOAA and the DOC, there are strict federal regulations that govern its proper excess and disposal that must be adhered to.