Personal Property Forms

To get electronic versions of these forms, start at NOAA's Electronic Forms page. You can also click on the forms below which are underlined to obtain electronic versions of the forms.

All are in PDF format, which requires that you have an application installed on your computer capable of reading those types of files.

Personal Property Official Appointment Letters

The following is a list of forms pertaining to the following programs:

NOAA Forms

DOC Personal Property Forms

Sunflower Personal Property Forms

Please click on the links below to open the Sunflower Management Center Form you need. Please note that the forms have been updated to include an instructions section and a Form section, you will need to complete and submit the Form section that begins on page 2 to the DOC Sunflower Help Desk at this email address:, and carbon copy or cc your servicing Personal Property Office. Once your request has been processed, they will notify you via email when it is completed.

If you are experiencing problems with Sunflower or you require a Sunflower Catalog Entry, please contact the DOC Sunflower Help Desk at the following phone number 202-482-4110 or E-mail at

Department of Defense Form